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  • Dru Nelson has an administrator's program to remove queued mail that has a certain string in it.
  • LinuxMagic has written qmail-remove to remove emails from the queue. If they match a string, they are moved to a temporary directory.
  • Alex Kramarov has created qmail-print-queue to print the qmail queue contents - it runs on all messages and displayes the from:, to: and date: headers; can also dump the full header of the message if ran with "-h" switch (if mess822 is properly installed). It is useful in conjunction with monitoring tools like qmail-mrtg and others. Wiki Note: Looks like a dead link.
  • qmail-qsanity-0.52 checks your queue data structures for internal consistency. If it finds any problems, it prints a warning to stderr. Plans are to change it to generate shell commands which will correct the problems.
  • Looking for an all-in-one queue management tool? Check out qmqtool.
  • qmHandle is a tool which can be used to manage the qmail message queue. It's written in Perl (so fully customizable) and much more powerful than qmail-qread and qmail-qstat. Key features are colored output and the ability to view and delete messages.
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