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  • qmailmrtg7 provides about 16 graphs. It can be used to graph any tcpserver service. Includes graphs for clamav, spamassassin, cpu, memory, and network usage.
  • [mrtg scripts] which don't use qmailanalog. Wiki Note: Looks like a dead link. By Sean Truman.
  • qmailalizer creates graphs from log files. By Wolfgang Pichler.
  • MRTG scripts and documention on how to get information into MRTG for qmail. By Russell Nelson and Magnus Bodin.
  • RRDutil is a basic host monitoring package with graphs for monitoring CPU, memory, network interfaces, disks (i/o & capacity), apache, mysql, and email (imap, pop3, webmail, smtp-auth, qmail-send, rbl blocks, spamassassin, clamav, and more).

Log Processing

  • qmail-track locates all the logfile records associated with a particular pair of email addresses. By Sorrawut Korsuwansiri.
  • Newanalyse helps the sysadmin in processing multilog logfiles. By Ewin Hoffman.
  • qmail-logfilter creates SMTP session logs without the DATA phase. By Ian Stewart.
  • maillogs is a multilog postprocessor. It is part of Mail::Toaster but can be used seperately.


  • qmail-lint-0.55 checks your qmail configuration for common problems. Prints warning or error messages to stdout.

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