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Hi, Does anyone know about mailbox usage showing by the commad './vuserinfo'? The usage showing wrong %age. What is the %age showing and how I can get the exact %age of mailbox usage at vpopmail?


Hi, We have a new server and I would like to transfer all the vpopmail-users to our new server. So far I transferred /var/qmail/users and /var/vpopmail/domains to my new server. But authentication does not want to work yet, so I can not log in through sqwebmail. Any hints anyone?

Thanks, Zeno


I've added a part of copying one domain to another vpopmail server. It's located underneath vmkpasswd.

Regards, Harm van Tilborg

del old users

Hi everyone, I am new to vpopmail don't know much about it. I have a server here at my job which is running too many old users i need to delete them. I try to use the command: vdeloldusers but it seems to me that it is scanning all users including the current. I check my mail everyday, and i am in the list as well. Can anyone help me about this issues please! I am using version: 5.4.17 Thanks in advance! Khan

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